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Bennett College is a private four-year historically black liberal arts college for women located in Greensboro, NC. Here we know you will find an "education for your future, sisterhood for life."



Upcoming events at Bennett College.

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V3 Gospel Concert
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Annie Merner Pfeiffer Chapel

Bennett College welcomes gospel recording artists V3: Alive and Getting Better! Annie Merner Pfeiffer Chapel 900 East Washington St. Greensboro, NC 27401 This event is free...

‘Fixing Juvie Justice’ Film Screening
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Global Learning Center Auditorium

Can a community-based approach to justice derived from a structure conceived in New Zealand centuries ago give hope to the mean streets of the...

Bennett Blog

Chronicles from the Sisterhood.

Bennett College
July 26, 2016

Bennett Helped Me to Discover Me

Sallena Imani Thompson
July 25, 2016

Miss Bennett College: Clothed with Strength and Dignity

Gwendolyn Bookman
July 14, 2016

What Matters

Belles In Motion

Take a look at what students and staff have to say about their experience at Bennett College.


Sandra Toledo

Business Administration | C/O '16
"I am Latina and the first person in my family to go college.  I came to Bennett College as an Early College student in 2009 and I am proud to graduate as a Bennett Belle with a bachelor’s degree in 2016.  At Bennett, you learn to build relationships that last a lifetime and graduate with sisterhood and a family.  Your professors watch you evolve, as they morph you from a girl into a confident assured woman and your sisters are there with you understanding every step of the way."

Brooke Kane

Political Science | C/O '19
"Bennett College is a perfect fit for me. The small class sizes allow for direct and personal access to my instructors. They are tough, but honest and genuinely concerned for my overall well-being."

Marissa Jennings

Journalism and Media Studies / 2015 White House Champion of Change | C/O '03
"Bennett College taught me that we as women need to preserve the tradition of being bold, brilliant and innovative. Bennett College traditions are special and very critical as you develop into successful women. Bennett College traditions taught me to stand on integrity, passion and purpose.   ACES allowed me to renew my spirit twice a week by listening to thought leaders of today. Chapel also provided a consistent check in with myself during my matriculation at Bennett. ACES provided an opportunity to not just be a student, but be a part of a loving community and unbreakable sisterhood -- family."

Shemiah Curry

Elementary Education / SGA President (2015-16) | C/O '16
"My leadership experiences at Bennett College have transformed me from a girl into a woman. Through student involvement, I have been given the tools to become a transformative leader in professional and academic settings. I feel equipped to handle any situation given because I have been trained through the Bennett experience by the very best-- my Bennett sisters. I have learned how to delegate, organize, enhance my communication skills, and engage in networking. I have been given hands-on experience through my leadership positions which have helped enhance my overall Bennett College experience."

Willietta Gibson

Assistant Professor of Biology
"I believe when students and faculty engage and interact with each other it creates an inviting atmosphere for learning and the creation of new ideas to take place."