Policy #Policy TitleDepartmentDate Passed
ACAF 3.01Institutional Faculty Credentialing and VerificationAcademic Affairs1/24/2014
ACAF 3.02Substantive Change PolicyAcademic Affairs11/15/2013 & 3/17/2015
ACAF 3.03Student Identity Verification in Distance & Correspondence EducationProvost/Information Technology4/20/2016
ACAF 3.04Credit and Prior Learning PolicyProvost/Enrollment Management4/20/2016
ACAF 3.05Semester Format and Definition of Credit Hours PolicyProvost/Registrar4/20/2016
ACAF 3.06Credit by Examination/CLEPRegistrar4/20/2016
ACAF 3.07Course Level and Numbering DesignationRegistrar4/20/2016
ACAF 3.08Post-Tenure Review Revised PolicyProvost/VP for Academic Affairs4/20/2016
ACAF 3.09Pregnancy PolicyProvost7/22/2016
ACAF 3.10Intellectual Property Policy

Provost/Office of Sponsored Programs

ACAF 3.11General Education Block Transfer Credit Policy

Provost/Office of Sponsored Programs

ACAF 3.12Graduation Credit Hour Requirements

Office of the Provost

ACAF 3.13Artwork Procurement Policy

Office of the Provost

ADM 5.01Concealed Weapons PolicyAdministrative Services11/15/2013
BTRU 1.01Conflict of InterestBoard of Trustees1/24/2014
BTRU 1.02Authorization to Obligate the CollegeBoard of Trustees1/24/2014
BTRU 1.03Policy on PoliciesBoard of Trustees1/24/2014
BTRU 1.04Official SpokespersonBoard of Trustees4/17/2014
BTRU 1.05Emeritus Status PolicyBoard of Trustees4/17/2014
BTRU 1.06Investment Policy and GuidelinesBoard of Trustees6/3/2016
BTRU 1.07Honorary Degree PolicyBoard of Trustees1/26/2017
BTRU 1.08Confidentiality PolicyBoard of Trustees1/26/2017
BUFIN 4.01Accounts Receivable ManagementOffice of Business and Finance4/17/2014
BUFIN 4.02Student Organizations Cash ManagementOffice of Business and Finance4/17/2014
BUFIN 4.03Davis-Bacon Act Compliance PolicyOffice of Business and Finance4/1/2016
BUFIN 4.04Travel PolicyOffice of Business and Finance4/1/2016
BUFIN 4.05Purchasing PolicyOffice of Business and Finance4/20/2016
BUFIN 4.06Award Close-Out Policy for Sponsored ProgramsOffice of Sponsored Programs and Business & Finance1/19/2018
BUFIN 4.07Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects PolicyOffice of Sponsored Programs and Business & Finance1/19/2018
BUFIN 4.08Fiscal Responsibilities on Sponsored Projects PolicyOffice of Sponsored Programs and Business & Finance1/19/2018
CADM 2.01Records Retention Policy

Office of the President

EMS 7.01Commencement Participation PolicyEnrollment Management Services3/16/2015
EMS 7.02Transgender Admissions Policy

Office of Admissions

EMS 7.03Admissions PolicyOffice of Admissions4/11/2017
EMS 7.04Summer School Credit Hours Policy

College Registrar

EOP 12.01Title IX General PolicyEqual Opportunity Programs1/24/2014
EOP 12.02Non-DiscriminationEqual Opportunity Programs1/24/2014
HR 9.01Background ChecksHuman Resources1/24/2014
HR 9.02Drug Free WorkplaceHuman Resources4/17/2014
HR 9.03NepotismHuman Resources4/17/2014
HR 9.04Tobacco Free CampusHuman Resources10/10/2014
HR 9.05Recruitment and EmploymentHuman Resources10/10/2014
HR 9.06Reduction in Force PolicyHuman Resources4/10/2015
IA 8.01General Gift AcceptanceInstitutional Advancement4/17/2014
IT 13.01Acceptable Use of Information Technology PolicyInformation Technology4/17/2014
IT 13.02Securing Network Connected DevicesInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.03Individual and Password Protection PolicyInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.04Use of Electronic MailInformation Technology10/10/2014
IT 13.05Use of Bennett College IT ServicesInformation Technology10/10/2014
IT 13.06Information and Security: Data Access and SecurityInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.07Remote Access to Administrative SystemsInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.08Website PolicyInformation Technology10/10/2014
STAF 11.01Student Complaints PolicyStudent Affairs4/1/2016
STAF 11.02Sexual Assault PolicyStudent Affairs4/17/2014
STAF 11.03On-campus Residence RequirementStudent Affairs9/16/2017
STAF 11.04Anti-Bullying PolicyStudent Affairs1/26/2017
STAF 11.05Missing Student NotificationDirector of Campus Life3/25/17