Mission & Goals

The mission of Africana Women’s Studies at Bennett College for Women is to support the institutional goals of scholarly excellence, leadership preparation, and life-long learning through the development of an academic program based on the self-study of women locally and worldwide, with particular emphasis given to understanding the experiences, socio-cultural conditions, and histories of Africana women. Students will acquire research skills informed by feminist and Africana/Black feminist methodologies; develop critical reading and writing skills through learning communities; and further their understanding of feminist praxis through service learning. AWS helps fulfill the following aspects of the Strategic Plan of Bennett College for Women:

Goal #3: To improve the academic standards and competitiveness of the College.
Objective 3. Provide quality programs that prepare students for the world of work and post baccalaureate studies.

Objective 4. Improve and maintain an intellectually stimulating environment for all members of the College Community.

Goal #5: To enhance and support the social, cultural, and spiritual development of students.

Objective 1. Expand and enhance student activities to create an enriching and exciting campus atmosphere.
Goal #10: To build stronger relationships with local, regional, national, and international communities.

Objective 1. Build partnerships/collaborations with other educational institutions, social, non-profit, and for-profit agencies.

Objective 2. Cultivate an environment that fosters local, regional, national, and international awareness and involvement.
Africana Women’s Studies also supports, through academic activities:
Bennett College's Quality Enhancement Plan Topic:
"Enhancing Communication Skills Through the General Education Curriculum"