Steering Committee

Composed of faculty and staff of the Bennett College for Women campus community, the Steering Committee provides oversight to Africana Women’s Studies

Dr. Valerie Ann Johnson, Chair
Mott Distinguished Professor of Women's Studies and Director of Africana Women's Studies

Dr. Millicent Rainey (ex-officio)
Interim Provost

Dr. Michelle Linster (ex-officio)
Interim Senior Associate Provost

Dr. Linda B. Brown
Willa B. Player Distinguished Professor in the Humanities

Dr. Michelle Linster
Director, Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Rhonda White
Director, Division of Social Sciences and Education, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. Steve Willis
Director, Division of Humanities, Associate Professor of Speech and Theatre

Dr. Gwendolyn Bookman
Director, Center for Global Studies and Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Audrey Ward
Director of the Honors Program and Associate Professor of English

Dr. Johnson Adefila
Chair, Department of History, Philosophy, Religion and Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Audrey Campbell
Director of Womanist Religious Studies, Associate Professor of Religion

Dr. Susan Curtis
Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Ruth M. Lucier
Professor of Religion and Philosophy

Dr. Lisa Price
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Rev. Dr. Natalie McLean
College Chaplain

Ms. Tamara Jeffries
Assistant Professor, Journalism and Media Studies

Ms. Yamuranai Kurewa
Assistant Professor, Social Work/Sociology

Ms. Jennifer Schism-Ash
Instructor, History