Committees of the Board of Trustees


Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee should be composed of not fewer than three trustee members. It shall, in cooperation with the President or her/his designee, study and appraise the quality of the academic program, evaluate the program relative to other comparable institutions in terms of teaching load, class size, student-faculty ratios, instructional expenditures, research programs, and other relevant factors; formulate desirable short and long range enrollment goals; advise the Finance Committee on the specifications and requirements for financing the academic program; and make such reports and recommendations to the Board of Trustees relative to the foregoing as may be required.

Academic Affairs Committee Membership, 2013-2014

  • Debbie Foster, Chair
  • Arnetta Beverly
  • Christy Clayton
  • Deborah Love
  • Karla McLucas
  • Trudie Kibbe Reed
  • Dr. Michelle Linster, Staff Liaison

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