Committees of the Board of Trustees


Audit and Assessment Committee

The Audit and Assessment Committee shall be responsible for reviewing and recommending to the Board policies affecting internal controls, accountability, and audit. The Audit and Assessment Committee shall have access to internal and external auditors to assess their performance, the scope of audit activities and the adequacy of the system of internal accounting controls to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, regulations and requirements.

Internal auditors shall report to the President for administrative support and shall report to the Board as to the process and content of their internal audit reports. The committee shall make reports to the Board. The committee’s responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Reviewing internal audits of the College;
  2. Reviewing external audits performed by other independent auditors, together with the College’s responses and corrective actions;
  3. Advising the Board on all aspects of internal and external audit and the adequacy of accounting procedures, systems, controls, and financial reporting in accordance with laws and regulations of the state;
  4. Reviewing compliance reports of the College of all laws and regulations pertaining to matters such as research, environment, occupational health and safety, fiscal affairs, including the system of reporting established by the College; and
  5. Recommending changes to the Audit Charter.

Audit and Assessment Committee Membership, 2015-2017

  • Gladys Ashe Robinson, Chair
  • James Johnson
  • Eric Watson
  • LeRoy Summers, Staff Liaison

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