Committees of the Board of Trustees


Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee shall be composed of not fewer than three trustee members, the President of the Student Government Association (SGA), and a student representative from each class level.  The Committee is charged with recommending policies which govern student life including policies on:  recruitment and admissions, student financial aid, counseling, career and health service, athletics, student housing, student activities, and student government.  This Committee, in cooperation with the Academic Affairs Committee, may also recommend policies, which govern academic advisement and special programs to improve retention.  The Committee shall act as the final appeals board for decisions about student rules, regulations and/or student policies.  The Committee shall ensure that students’ views are considered in all policy decisions made by the board and that board policies keep pace with the changing needs of students.

Student Affairs Committee Membership, 2013-2014

  • Debbie Foster, Chair
  • Mariah Allen, SGA President
  • Christy Clayton
  • Joyce Dixon
  • Deborah Love, Vice Chair
  • Rolanda C Burney, Staff Liaison

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