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Employee Directory
Name Title Work_phone Email Department
Ruiss, Shapell Xerox Document Center Employee (336) 517-2275 copycenter@bennett.edu Xerox
Robinson, Vette Xerox Client Associate (336) 517-2275 copycenter@bennett.edu Xerox
Peregrino-Brimah, Aziz Webmaster APBrimah@Bennett.edu Information Technology Services
Leathers, Evelyn Vice President, Institutional Advancement (336) 517-1761 evelyn.leathers@bennett.edu Institutional Advancement
Simon, Kenneth Third Shift Supervisor (336) 370-8621 ksimon@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Gibson, Tonya Student Accounts Coordinator (336) 517-2121 tgibson@bennett.edu Controller's Office
Jones, Shaakira Social Media and Online Giving Specialist 336-517-1989 sjones@bennett.edu Institutional Advancement
Melton, Rodney Second Shift Supervisor (336) 370-8621 rmelton@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Otey, Shaunaray Scholarship Coordinator/Counselor (336) 517-2222 smotey@bennett.edu Financial Aid
Jones, Ashley Resident Director/Coordinator, Greek Life (336) 517-1401 aljones@bennett.edu Residence Life
Borawski, Joseph Research Analyst. (336) 517-2227 jborawski@bennett.edu Institutional Effectiveness Research
Ferguson, Mark Research Associate mferguson@bennett.edu Academic Support Services
Abron, Gisele Registrar (336) 517-2159 gabron@bennett.edu Records & Registraton
Adams, Gracie Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 gadams@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Hayes Jr., Jerry Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 jhayes@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Latimer, Arintha Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 alatimer@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Somersall-Townsend, Jenelle Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 jsomersall@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Patterson, Terria Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 tepatterson@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Richmond Jr., David Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 drichmond@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Dockery, Jeanette Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 jdockery@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Hampton, Robert Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 rhampton@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Turner, Jr., Michael Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 mturner@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Godfrey, Robert Public Safety Officer (336) 370-8621 rgodfrey@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Dawkins, Phyllis Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs (336) 517-2154 Phyllis.Dawkins@Bennett.edu Academic Affairs
Williams, Carla Project Coordinator (336) 517-1593 cwilliams@bennett.edu Student Affairs
Drye, Kimberly Project Coordinator (336) 517-2298 kdrye@bennett.edu Leadership Development Institute for Women
Blalock, Sacha Program Associate (336) 517-1971 sblalock@bennett.edu Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Lucier, Ruth Professor, Philosophy (336) 517-1524 rlucier@bennett.edu History, Philosophy & Religion (Interdisciplinary)
Langa, Bheki Professor, English/English & Foreign Language Coordinator (336) 517-2303 blanga@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
Curtis, Susan Professor, Chemistry (336) 517-2299 scurtis@bennett.edu Chemistry
Rivers, Olivia Professional Writing Specialist orivers@bennett.edu Academic Support Services
Jones , Kadeem Professional Tutor kjones@bennett.edu Office of Academic Success & Student Support Services
Saunders, Anthony Professional Tutor asaunders@bennett.edu Office of Academic Success & Student Support Services
Coble, Esther Principal of the Early/Middle College (336) 517-1883 coblee@gcsnc.com Academic Affairs
Fuse-Hall, Rosalind President (336) 517-2225 rosalind.fuse-hall@bennett.edu President's Office
Edwards, Lisa Personal Assistant to the President (336) 517-2225 ledwards@bennett.edu President's Office
Cram, Betty Payroll Coordinator (336) 517-2112 bcram@bennett.edu Controller's Office
McDonald-Finch, Erica Office Manager, Health Center (336) 517-2241 emcdonaldfinch@bennett.edu Student Affairs
Foreman, Lamal Manager (336) 517-2210 lforeman@bennett.edu Sodexo Food Services
Briggs, Donta Mail Service/Central Receiving Specialist (336) 517-2214 dbriggs@bennett.edu Administrative Services
Gales, Paula Lead Teacher, Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center (336) 370-8708 pgales@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
McDonald, Patsy Lead Teacher, Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center (336) 370-8708 pmcdonald@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
Pulley, Shavon Lead Teacher, Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center (336) 370-8708 spulley@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
Woodard, Paul Lab Technician (336) 517-2237 pwoodard@bennett.edu Natural & Behavioral Sciences/Math/Biology
Jones, Whitney Interim Recpt/Cler Asst, Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center (336) 370-8707 wdjones@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
Willis, Steve Interim Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs (336) 517-2302 swillis@bennett.edu Visual & Performing Arts
Bookman, Gwendolyn Interim Department Chair, Political Science & Sociology/Associate Professor (336) 517-2106 gbookman@bennett.edu Political Science & Social Work / Sociology
Stephens, Mary Interim Department Chair, Political Science & Social Work/Sociology & Assistant Professor, Social Work (336) 517-1819 mary.stephens@bennett.edu Political Science & Social Work / Sociology
Haigler, Martha Interim Department Chair, Math & Computer Science/Assistant Professor, Computer Science (336) 517-2344 mhaigler@bennett.edu Mathematics & Computer Science
Coleman, Keonte Interim Department Chair, Journalism & Media Studies/Assistant Professor (336) 517-1835 kcoleman@bennett.edu Journalism & Media Studies
Walson, Christopher Interim Department Chair, Business & Economics/Assistant Professor B&E (336) 517-2193 cwalson@bennett.edu Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Roy, Ajanta Interim Department Chair for Mathematics & Computer Science (336) 517-1538 Ajanta.Roy@bennett.edu Mathematics & Computer Science
Spruill, Joyce Instructor, Physical Education (336) 517-2255 jspruill@bennett.edu Curriculum & Instruction
Cook-Murdock, Mary Instructor, Mathematics (336) 517-1681 mmurdock@bennett.edu Mathematics & Computer Science
Mitchell, Mia Instructor, English (336) 517-1532 mmitchell@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
Ntukogu, Anthony Instructor, Chemistry antukogu@bennett.edu Chemistry
Kendrick, Ebony Human Resources Generalist (336) 370-8632 ekendrick@bennett.edu Human Resources
Harrington, John Helpdesk Technician (336) 517-2140 jharrington@bennett.edu Information Technology Services
Howard, Daniel Help Desk Technician (336) 517-2236 dhoward@bennett.edu Information Technology Services
Gainey, Deborah Grants & Contracts Accountant/Purchaser (336) 517-2114 dgainey@bennett.edu Business & Finance
Barbee, Mary General Manager (336) 517-2357 mbarbee@bennett.edu Sodexo Facilities
Oliver, Penny Financial Aid Coordinator (336) 517-2222 penny.oliver@bennett.edu Financial Aid
Wilson, Ben Facility Worker (336) 517-2345 wilsonb@bennett.edu Sodexo Facilities
Franklin, Audrey D. Executive Director, Alumnae Relations (336) 517-2247 afranklin@bennett.edu Institutional Advancement
Woodard, Patricia Executive Asst. to the President (336) 517-2264 patricia.woodard@bennett.edu President's Office
Ashford, Elizabeth Executive Assistant to VP for B&F (336) 517-2116 eashford@bennett.edu Business & Finance
Wilson, Delma Executive Assistant to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs. (336) 517-2155 dwilson@bennett.edu Academic Affairs
Burrow, Sally Executive Assistant to the Associate VP for Enrollment Management (336) 517-1817 sburrow@bennett.edu Enrollment Management
Hall, Crystal Executive Assistant to Interim VP for IA (336) 517-2248 clhall@bennett.edu Institutional Advancement
Goodwin, Shelly Early College Liaison (336) 517-1998 sgoodwin@bennett.edu Academic Affairs
Nicholson, Sylvia Director, Title III & Sponsored Programs (336) 517-2102 snicholson@bennett.edu President's Office
Craven, Demetria Director, Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center (336) 517-1398 dcraven@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
James, Karen Director, Institutional Research & Testing (336) 517-1565 kjames@bennett.edu Institutional Effectiveness
Harrigan, Rodney Director, Information Technology (336) 517-2295 rharrigan@bennett.edu Information Technology Services
Diamond, Linda Director, Human Resources (336) 517-2109 ldiamond@bennett.edu Human Resources
Williams, Joan Director, Holgate Library (336) 517-2141 jwilliams@bennett.edu Holgate Library
Truesdale, Althea Director, First Year Experience (336) 517-2183 astruesdale@bennett.edu Office of Academic Success & Student Support Services
Guy, Shawn Director, Financial Aid (336) 517-2209 sguy@bennett.edu Financial Aid
Campbell, Robin Director, Counseling Services & Supervisor, Health Services (336) 517-2229 rcampbell@bennett.edu Student Affairs
Todhunter, Lee Director, Center for Global Studies (336) 517-1997 ltodhunter@bennett.edu Center for Global Studies
Johnson, Darryl Director, Career Services (336) 517-2358 djohnson@bennett.edu Career Services
Pridgen, Rachel Director, Campus Life & Student Activities (336) 517-2200 rpridgen@bennett.edu Student Affairs
Biggs, Jocelyn Director, Admissions (336) 517-1818 jbiggs@bennett.edu Admissions
Richardson-Wilks, Pamela Director of Planning, Assessment, and Effectiveness prichardson-wilks@bennett.edu Institutional Effectiveness Research
Bradshaw, Keifer Director of Campus Safety. (336) 370-8621 kbradshaw@bennett.edu Campus Safety
Johnson, Valerie Ann Director & Mott Prof, Women's Studies (336) 517-2259 vajohnson@bennett.edu History, Philosophy & Religion (Interdisciplinary)
Johnson, Yolande Development Associate/UNCF Coordinator (336) 517-1592 yjohnson@bennett.edu Institutional Advancement
Cotton, Michael Department Chair, NBSM & Associate Professor, Biology/Early Assurance Coordinator (336) 517-2286 mcotton@bennett.edu Biology
Petersen, Keri Department Chair, Humanities/Assistant Professor (336) 517-2171 kpetersen@bennett.edu History, Philosophy & Religion (Interdisciplinary)
Goble, Alan Department Chair & Associate Professor (336) 517-2283 goble@bennett.edu Psychology
Watson, Betty Default Loan Management Coordinator (336) 517-2376 bwatson@bennett.edu Business & Finance
Linster Michelle Dean, Division of NBSM in the department of Natural & Behavioral Sciences/Mathematics (336) 517-2287/1811 mlinster@bennett.edu Academic Affairs
Pierce, Patricia Coordinator of Health Services/Nurse Practitioner (336) 517-2230 ppierce@bennett.edu Student Affairs
Bryant, Evelyn College Admissions Recruiter (336) 517-2165 ebryant@bennett.edu Admissions
Livingston, Darren Clinical Counselor (336) 517-2363 dlivingston@bennett.edu Counseling Services
Scott, Julia Circulation Librarian (336) 517-2139 jscott@bennett.edu Holgate Library
Burney, Rolanda Chief of Staff (336) 517-2243 rburney@bennett.edu President's Office
McLean, Natalie Chaplain/Religious Life (336) 517-2334 nmclean@bennett.edu Student Affairs
Bell, Zendre Campus Store Manager (336) 517-2216 zbell@bennett.edu Administrative Services
Lisbon, Krystle Bookstore Manager (336) 517-2216 klisbon@bennett.edu Business & Finance
Gallimore Jr., Antonnio Audio Video Engineer (336) 517-2332 tgallimore@bennett.edu Information Technology Services
Tutt, Lorraine Asst.Controller/Chief Accountant (336) 517-2111 lorraine.tutt@bennett.edu Controller's Office
Stuart, Mary Asst Dir, Administrative Computing & Client Svcs (336) 517-2282 mstuart@bennett.edu Information Technology Services
Williams, Robert AssociateProfessor, Political Science (336) 517-2175 rwilliams@bennett.edu Political Science & Social Work / Sociology
Flamer, Latonya Associate VP, Business & Finance/Controller (336) 517-2115 lflamer@bennett.edu Controller's Office
Coleman, Andrena Associate Vice President, Administrative Services (336) 517-2168 acoleman@bennett.edu Administrative Services
Jones, Kevin Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (336) 517-1374 kmjones@bennett.edu Student Affairs
Foust, Tenille Associate Professor, Visual Arts & Coordinator, Theatre Program (336) 517-2301 tfoust@bennett.edu Visual & Performing Arts
Ritson-Lavender, Elisabeth Associate Professor, Theatre (336) 517-2188 eritson@bennett.edu Visual & Performing Arts
McLucas, Karla Associate Professor, Sociology (336) 517-2176 kmclucas@bennett.edu Political Science & Social Work / Sociology
Wrenn, Sara C. Associate Professor, Psychology (336) 517-2367 swrenn@bennett.edu Psychology
Parker, Linda Associate Professor, Music/VPA Coordinator (336) 517-2331 lparker@bennett.edu Visual & Performing Arts
Oh, Hyunju Associate Professor, Mathematics (336) 517-2339 hoh@bennett.edu Mathematics & Computer Science
Jeffries, Tamara Associate Professor, Journalism & Media Studies (336) 517-2375 tjeffries@bennett.edu Journalism & Media Studies
Lee, Byong Associate Professor, Computer Science (336) 517-2277 blee@bennett.edu Mathematics & Computer Science
Ricardo, Manuel Associate Professor, Biology (336) 517-1992 mricardo@bennett.edu Biology
Gibson, Willietta Associate Professor, Biology (336) 517-1203 wgibson@bennett.edu Biology
Harper, Bernetta Assistant to the Associate VP for Administrative Services (336) 517-2366 bharper@bennett.edu Administrative Services
Walker, Tijwana Assistant Teacher, Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center (336) 370-8708 tgwalker@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
Street, Stephanie Assistant Teacher, Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center (336) 517-8707 sstreet@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
Mills, Terri Assistant Teacher (336) 370-8707 tmills@bennett.edu Martin Dixon Intergenerational Center
Rosenberger, John Assistant Professor/Coordinator for Foreign Languages (336) 517-1510 jrosenberger@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
Brooks, Latoya Assistant Professor, Social Work (336) 517-2177 lbrooks@bennett.edu Political Science & Social Work / Sociology
Kurewa, Yamuranai Assistant Professor, Social Work (336) 517-2180 ykurewa@bennett.edu Political Science & Social Work / Sociology
Campbell, Santiba Assistant Professor, Psychology (336) 517-1590 santiba.campbell@bennett.edu Psychology
Lipscomb, Thomas Assistant Professor, Journalism & Media Studies (336) 517-2304 tlipscomb@bennett.edu Journalism & Media Studies
Speas, Penny Assistant Professor, English & Director, The Writing Center (336) 517-1563 pspeas@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
Roberts, David Assistant Professor, English (336) 517-1837 droberts@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
McNeil, Tammy Assistant Professor, Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship (336) 517-2189 trankin@bennett.edu Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Coble, Derrick J. Assistant Professor, Biology (336) 517-2296 dcoble@bennett.edu Biology
Cobb, Aurrielle Assistant Director/Curriculum Learning Center Coordinator. (336) 517-1687 alcobb@bennett.edu Office of Academic Success & Student Support Services
Morris, William Assistant Director, Information Technology (336) 517-2238 rwmorris@bennett.edu Information Technology Services
Washington, Pamela Assistant Director, Financial Aid (336) 517-2203 pwashington@bennett.edu Financial Aid
Beard, Juliette Advancement Services Analyst (336) 517-2395 jbeard@bennett.edu Institutional Advancement
Patterson, Bridget Admissions Representative (336) 517-2163 bpatterson@bennett.edu Admissions
Warren, Kathy Administrative Assistant/Office Mgr. (336) 517-2273 kwarren@bennett.edu Office of Academic Success & Student Support Services
Holt-Majette, Carmen Administrative Assistant (336) 517-1517 cmajette@bennett.edu Humanities
Garner, Jennifer Administrative Assistant (336) 370-8620 jgarner@bennett.edu Academic Affairs
McCain-Smith, Nadine Administrative Assistant (336) 517-2289 nmccain-smith@bennett.edu Natural & Behavioral Sciences/Math/Biology
Oglesby, Odessa Administrative Assistant (336) 517-2230 ooglesby@bennett.edu Health Services
Lewis, Shalandia Administrative Assistant (336) 517-2131 splewis@bennett.edu Sodexo Facilities
White, Irma Administrative Assistant (336) 517-2179 iwhite@bennett.edu Center for Global Studies
Hines, Kemmesha Administrative Assistant (336) 517-8624 kemmesha.hines@Bennett.edu Admissions
Marchant, Charlene Adjunct Instructor, Music/Choir Director CMarchant@bennett.edu Visual & Performing Arts
Terkper, Gregory Adjunct Instructor, Mathematics gterkper@bennett.edu Mathematics & Computer Science
Lunsford, Joshua Adjunct Instructor, French jlundsford@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
Haith, Beverly Adjunct Instructor, Curriculum & Instruction bhaith@bennett.edu Chemistry
Shearin, Shenna Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry sshearin@bennett.edu Chemistry
Abrokwah, Richard Adjunct Instructor, Chemistry rabrokwah@bennett.edu Chemistry
Warren, Franklin Adjunct Instructor, Business/Entrepreneurship Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Fearrington, Valerie Adjunct Instructor, Business Law vfearrington@bennett.edu Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Fearrington, Valerie Adjunct Instructor, Business vfearrington@bennett.edu Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Wilson, Alicia Adjunct Instructor, Business awilson@bennett.edu Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship
Glenn-McClinton, Darlene Adjunct Instructor, Art dglenn-mcclinton@bennett.edu Visual & Performing Arts
Dominguez, Cristina Adjunct Instructor, Africana Women's Studies cdominguez@bennett.edu Africana Women's Studies
Hicks, Patricia Accounts Payable Coordinator (336) 517-2119 phicks@bennett.edu Controller's Office
Curtis, Margaret Academic Grants Coordinator (336) 517-2124 mcurtis@bennett.edu Academic Affairs
Jernigan, Quintara Academic Advising Coordinator (336) 370-8625 qjernigan@bennett.edu Office of Academic Success & Student Support Services
Wilson, Annette Interim Department Chair & Assistant Professor for Curriculum & Instruction Annette.Wilson@bennett.edu Curriculum & Instruction
Johnson, Henry Interim Dean, Division for Humanities, Business & Professional Studies (336) 517-2178 hjohnson@bennett.edu Curriculum & Instruction
McMillian, Kameka Disability Services and Title IX Coordinator (336) 517-1501 kmcmillian@bennett.edu Academic Affairs
Saunders, Sharon (336) 517-2267 Sharon.Saunders@Bennett.edu Institutional Advancement
Hopkins, Bobby (336) 517-2129 Sodexo Facilities
Mwangi, James jmwangi@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
Shel, Imen ishel@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language
Li, Jingchen jli@bennett.edu English & Foreign Language