Welcome to Institutional Effectiveness (IE)


Dr. William Myers, Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness - wmyers@bennett.edu - 336.517.1540

Most people ask: “What is institutional effectiveness?” The short answer is: “Planning, assessment, and research activities that collectively are used to improve all of the decisions made at the College.”

Operation and Function

The IE office coordinates the development and monitoring of the strategic plan, the evaluation of all academic and support programs, and data collection, analysis, and reporting of information for the College to remain in compliance with governments and accreditation organizations. Our office annually submits nine major IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) reports to the US Department of Education and five major reports to the NC Higher Education Department (NCHED) that document elements of college operation related to finance, human resources, student enrollment, financial aid, etc. Survey construction, accreditation reporting, and utilizing assessment and data collection software are ongoing activities within the office. Studies related to student learning experiences, retention, and satisfaction regarding faculty instruction and academic supporting services, and efficiency and effectiveness in the use of institutional resources are also conducted.

Contact Information

Office Email address

Staff Members and Contact Information

  • Dr. William Greg Myers, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness; wmyers@bennett.edu; 336-517-1540
  • Dr. Karen James, Director of Testing and Institutional Research, kjames@bennett.edu; 336-517-2388
  • Mr. Brian Delk, Institutional Research Analyst, bdelk@bennett.edu; 336-517-2227