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Accuplacer is the college board’s computerized placement test used to access students’ skills in reading comprehension, sentence skills, arithmetic, algebra, and college-level math. This test is administered to all new freshwomen and transfer students who have not completed college math or English successfully. One unique feature about Accuplacer is that each test component is adaptive, meaning that the computer automatically determines which questions are presented to students based on their responses to prior questions. Therefore, placement scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly and the level of difficulty of the questions asked.

At Bennett College, we administer the Accuplacer to freshwomen during new student orientation.

Proficiency Profile (PP-formerly MAPP)

As the only integrated test of general education skills, the ETS Proficiency Profile, formerly Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress (MAPP) test assesses four core skill areas - critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics - in a single test that the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) has selected as a gauge of general education outcomes. Institutions can also add an optional essay for additional insight into students' general knowledge and critical thinking skills.

At Bennett College, we administer the Proficiency Profile to freshwomen in the fall and juniors in the spring.

Major Field Test (MFT)

The ETS® Major Field Tests are comprehensive undergraduate and MBA outcomes assessments designed to measure the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students in a major field of study. The Major Field Tests go beyond the measurement of factual knowledge by helping you evaluate students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material from their major field of study.

ETS offers comprehensive national comparative data for the Major Field Tests, enabling you to evaluate your students’ performance and compare your program's effectiveness to programs at similar institutions nationwide.

At Bennett College, we administer the Major Field Test to seniors in their last semester of study by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, English, Music, Political Science, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

Placement Exams Required for Incoming Students


  • Writing Assessment
  • Math Placement


  • Foreign Language Assessment (Spanish)

Assessments Required for Graduation

  • ETS®Major Field Test (MFT)***
  • ETS®Proficiency Profile (Part A* & Part B**)
  • English Competency Examination (ECE)
  • Mathematics Competency Examination (MCE)

(*Freshwomen Year, **Junior Year, ***Senior Year)

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