Telecommunication Services

Welcome to the Telecommunication and Media Services unit of the Department of Information Technology Services. The unit manages telephone services for the entire campus, for faculty, staff and students. These services include lines for telephones, faxes and telephone features. The unit is also responsible for setting-up audio and/or video equipment for college events and external groups renting college facilities and maintaining audio/video equipment and making recommendations to purchase new equipment.

Install new telephone services, moves, adds and changes to existing telephone service
Voice Mail services: Voice Mail is provided to faculty and Staff
Caller ID: Caller ID is provided to employees
A university campus directory is made available for faculty, staff and students each school year


New Cisco Phones Training Pamphlet
Main page for Online Learning Modules for 7900 series phones and downloadable tutorials
7942G Tutorial
7962G Tutorial


Each room has a telephone jack installed, with one number per room.
Each dorm room is provided with the following telephone features:

Call waiting
Caller ID
Bennett College residents will need to supply the telephone instrument for their room.
Telephones should be analog.
Students who live off campus will not have phone service with the university.
If you need help with any telephone service call Auxiliary Services, 2329.

On campus calls, dial four digit extension
Off campus calls, dial 9 + number
Emergency, dial 9 + 911
Directory assistance (directory assistance cost the university .75 for each call) employees may dial 9 + 411) this call should be dialed as a long distance call.

TOLL FREE: Dial 9 + 1 + 800 + number
CALLING CARD: Dial 9 + instructions on card
COLLECT CALLS Dial 9 + 0 + number or 1 + 800 + collect

Many times telephone problems may be caused by faulty equipment. Before you submit a repair problem for your telephone line follow these steps:

Disconnect all telephones sets on this line
Take one telephone set (preferably a regular set that is not cordless) and plug it into the jack and see if this solves the problem
If the problem still persists, choose another telephone that is not yours and try it in your jack

If the problem exists regardless of what phone equipment is connected, then report it as a repair problem to telephone repair (ext. 2329).

They say you can't judge a book by its cover but how many of us make judgments about people just based on their telephone speaking voice? People form opinions and make judgments about us in the first sixty seconds they see us. People also make judgments about us based on the way we sound on the telephone. Because people cannot "see" us over the telephone they will form these opinions based not only by what we say, but also on "how" we say it. In fact the message we communicate over the telephone is based on two qualities; (1) "What" we say (Verbal) and (2) "How" we say it. In order for people to form a good image about your company, here are some tips, which will help your spoken image.

Answer a telephone at lease by the third ring. This is important because it will ring to voice mail on the fourth ring
Make sure your greeting is professional, and clear
Be prepared before you began answering the telephone - Have a pad or paper and pencil handy
Be an "active" listener, do not speak too fast, and pronounce your words clearly. Also show interest in what is being said
When you announce your place of business say your name as well. (For example, English department, Mrs. Brooks speaking.) this is for offices and dorms. The main switchboard not included
Make sure there is no loud noise in the background when you answer the phone, this will cause you to ask a person to repeat their request

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