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At Bennett, you are not just a student ID number, you are a woman we invest in and support as you navigate higher education and prepare for your career.

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What is Bennett College?

Our Smallness is our Strength

Bennett College is an all-women's historically Black liberal arts microcollege with a small and intimate community that prepares you academically and equips you to lead, create your own path, gain life experience, explore the world, and become the woman you are destined to become.

Why Bennett College?

We are consistently recognized for our excellence as an HBCU and the community of young women that enter our campus. Our microcollege model allows for a personal college experience and unique opportunities that are developed to guide you toward success.

  • 90%

    Student Retention Rate

  • 225+

    Belles have traveled globally to 30+ countries

  • 7:1

    Student-to-Faculty Ratio

  • 4

    Consecutive years as a Fulbright HBCU Institutional Leader

  • 63%

    Students with internships

Creating Equitable Futures

Equity in Health

Our biology program equips students with the expertise and opportunities to drive advancements in health equity, ensuring better health outcomes for diverse communities.

Equity in Education

Our education program empowers every student with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential and create a more equitable future for themselves and their communities.

Equity in Environment

Our Green Team and sustainability projects engage students in hands-on environmental initiatives, fostering a commitment to equitable and sustainable practices that benefit all communities.

Equity in Global Studies

Our global studies program enriches students with international study and travel experiences, cultivating the cultural awareness and global perspectives essential for promoting worldwide equity and understanding.

Interdisciplinary Studies Interdisciplinary studies sit at the intersection of separate but unified fields of study and integrates them into a unique educational experience that might resonate more with students than a traditional degree program. This combination of multiple academic disciplines encourages students to think across boundaries. Bennett College offers two paths of Interdisciplinary studies: Traditional and Africana Women’s Studies.

What Makes
Bennett College So Different?

Bennett College has dismantled the traditional 16-week semester model to implement a radical Minimester Model. This helps to limit the cognitive load for our students and make academics more accessible. To learn more about the Minimester Model and why smallness is our strength, check out this interview from President Walsh!

What is a Minimester?

Instead of semesters, Bennett College students have 3 Minimesters.


Minimester 1:

2 weeks for introductory courses or an intensive 3-credit hour class.


Minimester 2:

7 weeks for 3-credit hour classes.


Minimester 3:

7 weeks for 3-credit hour classes.

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At Bennett College, we strive to provide the best for our students. Our Belles are an investment worth making. Your gift matters and has impact on our historical campus and the lives of hundreds of young women.


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Our Smallness is Our Strength

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