Policy #Policy TitleDepartmentDate Passed
ACAF 3.01Institutional Faculty Credentialing and VerificationAcademic Affairs1/24/2014
ACAF 3.02Substantive Change PolicyAcademic Affairs11/15/2013 & 3/17/2015
ACAF 3.03Student Identity Verification in Distance & Correspondence EducationProvost/Information Technology4/20/2016
ACAF 3.04Credit and Prior Learning PolicyProvost/Enrollment Management4/20/2016
ACAF 3.05Semester Format and Definition of Credit Hours PolicyProvost/Registrar4/20/2016
ACAF 3.06Credit by Examination/CLEPRegistrar4/20/2016
ACAF 3.07Course Level and Numbering DesignationRegistrar4/20/2016
ACAF 3.08Post-Tenure Review Revised PolicyProvost/VP for Academic Affairs4/20/2016
ACAF 3.09Pregnancy PolicyProvost7/22/2016
ACAF 3.10Intellectual Property Policy

Provost/Office of Sponsored Programs

ACAF 3.11General Education Block Transfer Credit Policy

Provost/Registrar Office

ACAF 3.12Graduation Credit Hour Requirements

Office of the Provost

ACAF 3.13Artwork Procurement Policy

Office of the Provost

ACAF 3.15Student Privacy Policy

Registrar and Office of Academic Affairs

ACAF 3.16Student Achievement Policy

Office of Academic Affairs - Institutional Effectiveness

ACAF 3.17Distance Education or Correspondence Education Policy

Office of Academic Affairs

ADM 5.01Concealed Weapons PolicyAdministrative Services11/15/2013
BTRU 1.01Conflict of InterestBoard of Trustees1/24/2014
BTRU 1.02Authorization to Obligate the CollegeBoard of Trustees1/24/2014
BTRU 1.03Policy on PoliciesBoard of Trustees1/24/2014
BTRU 1.04Official SpokespersonBoard of Trustees4/17/2014
BTRU 1.05Emeritus Status PolicyBoard of Trustees4/17/2014
BTRU 1.06Investment Policy and GuidelinesBoard of Trustees6/3/2016
BTRU 1.07Honorary Degree PolicyBoard of Trustees1/26/2017
BTRU 1.08Confidentiality PolicyBoard of Trustees1/26/2017
BTRU 1.09Presidential Temporary AbsenceBoard of Trustees11/23/2019
BTRU 1.10Self-Assessment PolicyBoard of Trustees11/23/2019
BUFIN 4.01Accounts Receivable ManagementOffice of Business and Finance4/17/2014
BUFIN 4.02Student Organizations Cash ManagementOffice of Business and Finance4/17/2014
BUFIN 4.03Davis-Bacon Act Compliance PolicyOffice of Business and Finance4/1/2016
BUFIN 4.04Travel PolicyOffice of Business and Finance4/1/2016
BUFIN 4.05Purchasing PolicyOffice of Business and Finance4/20/2016
BUFIN 4.06Award Close-Out Policy for Sponsored ProgramsOffice of Sponsored Programs and Business & Finance1/19/2018
BUFIN 4.07Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects PolicyOffice of Sponsored Programs and Business & Finance1/19/2018
BUFIN 4.08Fiscal Responsibilities on Sponsored Projects PolicyOffice of Sponsored Programs and Business & Finance1/19/2018
CADM 2.01Records Retention PolicyOffice of the President1/28/2017
CADM 2.02Dissemination of Public Information PolicyOffice of the President11/23/2019
CADM 2.03Fraud and AbuseOffice of the President11/23/2019
EMS 7.01Commencement Participation PolicyCollege Registrar3/2/2016 / 4/17/2020
EMS 7.02Transgender Admissions PolicyOffice of Admissions1/28/2017
EMS 7.03Admissions PolicyOffice of Admissions4/11/2017
EMS 7.04Summer School Credit Hours PolicyCollege Registrar9/29/2016
EMS 7.05Student Recruitment MaterialsOffice of Financial Aid11/23/2019
EMS 7.06Financial Aid PolicyOffice of Financial Aid11/23/2019
EOP 12.02Non-DiscriminationEqual Opportunity Programs1/24/2014
HR 9.01Background ChecksHuman Resources1/24/2014
HR 9.02Drug Free WorkplaceHuman Resources4/17/2014
HR 9.03NepotismHuman Resources4/17/2014
HR 9.04Tobacco Free CampusHuman Resources10/10/2014
HR 9.05Recruitment and EmploymentHuman Resources10/10/2014
HR 9.06Reduction in Force PolicyHuman Resources4/10/2015
HR 9.07Performance EvaluationsHuman Resources11/23/2019
HR 9.10Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)Human Resources11/23/2019
IA 8.01General Gift AcceptanceInstitutional Advancement4/17/2014
IT 13.01Acceptable Use of Information Technology PolicyInformation Technology4/17/2014
IT 13.02Securing Network Connected DevicesInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.03Individual and Password Protection PolicyInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.04Use of Electronic MailInformation Technology10/10/2014
IT 13.05Use of Bennett College IT ServicesInformation Technology10/10/2014
IT 13.06Information and Security: Data Access and SecurityInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.07Remote Access to Administrative SystemsInformation Technology1/19/2018
IT 13.08Website PolicyInformation Technology10/10/2014
STAF 11.01Student Complaints PolicyStudent Affairs7/11/2020
STAF 11.02Sexual and Relationship Misconduct PolicyStudent Affairs7/2020
STAF 11.03On-campus Residence RequirementStudent Affairs9/16/2017
STAF 11.04Anti-Bullying PolicyStudent Affairs1/26/2017
STAF 11.05Missing Student NotificationDirector of Campus Life3/25/17