President's Letter

In the coming weeks, we will provide multiple opportunities to catch up on the specifics of what’s new to help you get (re)oriented to Bennett College, so please stay tuned and stay connected.

We are all about to begin a slow and thoughtful in-person return to campus.

Just as in the rest of the world, life will be different at Bennett in September 2021 than when we left campus in March 2020.

However, the great news is that Bennett will have exciting new services, new vendors, new faces, new expectations and new modalities for teaching and learning!

So, just what’s ahead for you as students at Bennett?

Let’s start with the three most urgent topics:

1. COVID VACCINE & OUR COLLECTIVE GOAL: A Vaccinated Bennett Community

  1. Are you vaccinated yet? If not, get your vaccine now.
  2. COVID Vaccine has been added to the list of required vaccines for Bennett College students.
  3. If you are in Greensboro and need the vaccine, please come to the campus: We are offering free vaccines and walk-up appointments. Bring your friends and family.
  4. As with other vaccines, you will need to submit proof of full COVID vaccination to enroll this fall.
  5. Bennett College allows for medical and religious exemptions only. No philosophical exemptions will be granted for mandatory vaccinations (COVID-19, MMR, DTP, TDAP, Meningitis). Contact the student health center for information about how to request an exemption.


July 23: Virtual fall preview of Back to Bennett
Hear and ask questions during a live session about all the cool things coming this year. 

­August 2 – 13: Virtual Back to Bennett Bootcamp
All students will be required to join a series of virtual orientation sessions during this two-week period. 

You will get a jumpstart on the year by learning about everything new – from services and people to vendors and new modalities for teaching and learning. It’s a perfect opportunity to reconnect with each other and the College to help to support a smooth and successful return to campus.


Minimester 1: Start date is August 16, 2021, and will be virtual

  • Do you know what you are taking? Make sure you find something to ease you back into the semester.
  • Pro tip: students who take a course in Minimester 1 are more likely to be successful the rest of the year.

Move in dates for residence halls: August 27 – 31, 2021 (I know you skipped immediately down to this, but please go back and read the above information. It is also especially important).

  • You will be assigned a specific date for move in to keep everyone at a safe distance.

Minimester 2: Start date is September 1, 2021 and is in-person and hybrid

  • What is hybrid?Hybrid (also known as blended) learning consists of instructional activities conducted during an academic session where online activity is mixed with face-to face instruction (i.e., lectures, discussions, or other in-person learning activities).
  • You will learn more about this new option on 1) July 23 at the above mentioned special virtual Back to Bennett preview event and 2) during August Bootcamp.

Minimester 3: Start date is October 26, 2021

  • Students will vacate campus at Thanksgiving and complete Minimester 3 virtually.
  • We heard from many families that the expense of leaving campus at Thanksgiving and coming back for just 2.5 weeks before Christmas Break was very expensive.
  • This also helps to continue to stem the spread of a post-break coronavirus.
  • Bonus: It’s also better for the environment to not have less air and car travel.


All on-campus housing will be single occupancy rooms to help keep safe distances. We have limited rooms available, so make sure you get your deposit submitted by ASAP.

Move in dates for residence halls: August 27 – 31 (I know you skipped immediately down to this, but please go back and read the above information. It is also especially important).

  • You will be assigned a specific date for move in to keep everyone at a safe distance.

We really look forward to reintroducing you to Bennett College throughout the summer and cannot wait to see you back on campus this fall!

Send questions to

Stay tuned. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Get vaxxed.

Suzanne Elise Walsh

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