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Interlibrary Loan

What is ILL? (*Due to the , the ILL Service is not available now until further notice. )

When materials are not available at the Holgate Library, Bennett College students, faculty, and staff may request them through

Inter-library Loan (ILL). ILL makes it possible for researchers to obtain books and electronic copies of articles from libraries all around the world. ILL requests can take from two days to two weeks to fill, so please plan your requests accordingly.

How Much Does ILL Cost?

Most ILLs are free. However, individuals requesting items through ILL are solely responsible for any fees charged by the lending library for fulfillment, as well as any fines or charges accrued due to loss, damage, or late return of requested items. If obtaining an ILL item entails any fees, the library will contact you to accept or reject these fees as a condition of filling your request.

Who Can Order?

All students, faculty, and staff may request materials using Inter-library Loan.

How Do I Order?

You may request materials via ILL the following ways:

  1. If you already know the bibliographic information for the materials you need, click on one of the several ILL Request Form links on the library website to submit a form.
  2. If you are viewing a citation in World Cat Local for which no full text is available, click on the “Request document via ILL Request Form” link to submit a form.

How Do I Get My Order?

Electronic copies of requests will be emailed to you directly. When your requested materials come in, you will be notified by the library staff of their arrival (typically via Bennett College email). You may pick up books and print copies at the Access Service Desk.

Due dates for requested materials are set by the lending institution and renewal of ILL materials may not be possible. Please pay careful attention to ILL due dates and submit renewal requests directly to Ms. Joan Williams well in advance.