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Journalism & Media Studies – Databases

Communication and Mass Media Complete

Communication & Mass Media Complete provides access to resources encompassing the breadth of the communication disciplines.

ProQuest Central

General reference database for over 175 subjects from magazines, journals and newspapers, including peer-reviewed and scholarly works. for a tutorial on this resource click below.


Business research from journals, trade publications, market research reports, dissertations, and working papers.

ProQuest Entrepreneurship

Information for entrepreneurs and researchers that includes business start-up plans, video clips, journals, business cases, and more.

ProQuest Research Library

General reference database from business and political science to literature and psychology scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, and daily news content, accessible to readers and researchers at every level.

ProQuest Telecommunications Database

This database is an essential resource for anyone researching the industry or its technology. Whether you’re looking for the latest news on WAP technology, following market penetration of new technologies, or gathering information about the key players in this field, ProQuest Telecommunications helps you stay one step ahead. 

MediaTropes An eJournal devoted to the study of media and mediation. “…addresses questions, problems, and issues at the intersection of culture and technology, broadly construed.” 

Trade publication all about advertising and worldwide marketing news.