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Course Reserves Policies, Procedures, and Forms

Course Reserves

The library’s Course Reserves section is located at the Circulation Desk and includes materials placed on reserve by Bennett College faculty for use with their classes. Generally, patrons may check out Reserve Items on a two-hour basis for use in the library only. However, some items may be checked out overnight or on a 4-day basis. Please check with the librarian on duty for checkout policies for particular Reserve Items. For additional information on borrowing privileges and fines/fees for overdue, lost, or damaged Reserve Items, please see our borrowing policies and library fines pages.

Searching Course Reserves

Course Reserves may be searched via the library catalog.

Placing Items on Reserve

Any Bennett College faculty member may place items on reserve for use with his or her classes. Procedures for placing items on reserve are as follows:

  • Complete a Reserve Book Listing Request form (attached at the bottom of this page) for each class for which you wish to place items on reserve. Please type or print legibly, list all items to be submitted with the form, and be sure to indicate the loan period for each item (2 hours, overnight, or 4 days).
  • If you are including photocopies of any copyrighted works, please include one copy of the Copyright Certification Form (attached at the bottom of this page) for each photocopied item that you wish to place on reserve.*
  • Please deliver all completed forms and reserve items in person to the Circulation Desk during the library’s regular business hours. If you are requesting that a book in the library collection be placed on reserve, please pull the book from the shelf and bring it to the Circulation Desk at the time of your request.
  • Please submit a course syllabus along with your reserve request.

Reserve Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Generally, Reserve Items are available for review and checkout within one business day of receipt, excluding weekend hours.

A new request form must be completed each semester. All reserve items for which a new request form has not been received will be returned to the faculty member or the department following the end of the semester. If you intend to carry over a Reserve Item to the next semester or transfer an item to a different class, please contact Ms. Joan Williams, the Library Director, or the Access Service Desk at 336-517-2139.

*In accordance with copyright law, only one photocopy of a copyrighted material may be placed on reserve for use in the library (A statement of guidelines for minimum standards of educational fair use can be found in Section 107 of the General Revision of the Copyright Law, Public Law 94-553).

Removing Items from Reserve

Bennett College faculty may remove items from the Reserve Section at any time. Procedures for removing items are as follows:

  • The faculty member who originally placed an item on reserve (or his or her authorized departmental representative) must pick up the Reserve Item to be removed from the Reserve Section in person.
  • The faculty member (or his or her authorized departmental representative) must initial the original request form to verify receipt of the returned item.