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Liaison Services and Acquisition Tools

The library provides liaison services to the divisions, departments, and faculty pursuant to developing and maintaining the library collections. Faculty are always free to contact their departmental liaisons to discuss items they would like to request for the collection or about changing curricular needs. See below current liaison assignments, tools for requesting materials, and a Google Docs presentation that briefly reviews the collection development process and responsibilities.

Current Liaison Assignments

Below are the library’s current liaison assignments.

Do not hesitate to contact your liaison with questions or materials requests. (vacant) , contact the library director

  • Division of Arts & Sciences
  • Access Service Desk 336-517-2139
  • Division of Professional Studies

Acquisition Tools for Faculty

Faculty, linked below are instructions for three simple ways to develop and send your list of recommended titles to your library liaison.

If you experience any difficulties with these instructions or otherwise have questions about finding resources, please do not hesitate to contact your library liaison. Thanks for your help!

  • Create and email a resource list with Barnes & Noble.
  • Create and email a resource list with Amazon.
  • Create and email a resource list with WorldCat.
  • Create and email a resource list with Guide to Reference.

If you prefer to prepare your requests manually, please use the manual request form attached at the bottom of this page.