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Be your own boss.

Did you know that Black women are more likely to start their own businesses than any other group? You could be one of them.

Imagine it. Your bright idea makes it to market. Your side hustle becomes your dream job. You turn your brilliant business concept into a venture that makes a mark on the world. Bennett College’s Entrepreneurship Program can launch you toward your own brand of success.

Learn more about the Entrepreneurship minor at Bennett.

We’ll show you how
to take your good idea
and run with it.

Business and Entrepreneurship at Bennett College

You’ll learn what makes a business thrive.

Having a great idea is just the start. Entrepreneurship classes show you how to manage your business so it can grow.

You’ll learn business skills that you can use in the real world.

Our business classes are anything but basic. We use interactive games, real-life simulations, and real-world experiences to give you skills you can actually use.

You can live your dreams.

At Bennett College, we prepare you for your life as a business owner and for your life as a woman. Our Entrepreneurship Program shows you how to launch your own venture and live your own dreams.

You can adapt entrepreneurial skills to any profession.

Want to run your own medical practice, law firm, media organization, theater company? A minor in entrepreneurship will enhance the skills you gain in your major and make you a successful independent player.

You can make a difference in the world.

We believe the best entrepreneur knows that her business impacts the people around her. Whether you’re supporting women's causes, social justice issues or something else you’re passionate about, entrepreneurship is an opportunity to invest in your community while you invest in yourself.


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